Investment Analyst Interview

Nailing the Investment Analyst Interview: Top Questions and Answers

Prepare for your investment analyst interview with the most common questions and sample answers. Learn what skills to highlight and how to impress interviewers.

Research and Preparation

  • Learn the firm’s specialities, products, and assets under management
  • Study recent news, earnings reports, deals for companies covered
  • Refresh knowledge of valuation methodologies, ratio analysis, modelling

I researched over 50 hours understanding the role, and department, and covered companies inside-out before my winning interview that landed a competitive offer.

Common Investment Analyst Interview Questions

  1. Why do you want to be an investment analyst?
  2. What valuation methods do you find most useful?
  3. How would you value a start-up company with no financial history?
  4. How do you stay up-to-date on markets and industry trends?
  5. If we invest $50 million into a stock with a current share price of $100 that has 15% volatility roughly 30 days until expiration, what can we expect the stock price to be?

Job seekers have a 64% chance of being asked situational and behavioural questions in interviews according to Glassdoor data.

Effective Answers and Tips

  • Motivation: Show passion for capital markets, analyzing data, and financial modelling.
  • Technical Skills: Discuss valuation models – DCF, multiples, and comps in detail. Explain how to project cash flows.
  • Qualitative Abilities: Strong communication, critical thinking, and attention to detail are all key. Provide examples.
  • Industry/Market Knowledge: Read the news daily, set Google Alerts, and check analyst reports and earnings call transcripts.
  • Quant Questions: Walk through the step-by-step process of your calculations. Ask clarifying questions if unsure.

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