Escrow Assistant Cover Letter

Escrow Assistant Cover Letter Template

An effective escrow assistant cover letter is vital for showcasing transaction management skills. As a detail-oriented escrow assistant with 3+ years of experience, I expertly handle real estate transactions and contracts to close. Demonstrated abilities in paperwork preparation, client communication, inspecting and tax documentation, earnest money deposits, and robust digital systems management resulting in streamlined record retrieval. Technologically skilled across essential platforms including MS Office, DocuSign, and Salesforce. Proven assets of sharp organizational and multi-tasking abilities across high caseloads and concurrent deals. Reliable professional possessing an optimal mix of customer service, administrative strengths, and process management prowess that top escrow assistants require. Seeking a position at a high-volume title company aligned with a background facilitating seamless end-to-end transactions.

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Escrow Assistant role currently open at Acme Title Company. With over three years of experience successfully supporting smooth real estate transactions from contract to close, I believe I would make an excellent addition to your escrow services team.

As demonstrated extensively on the accompanying resume, I have gained comprehensive hands-on expertise in the key responsibilities of an escrow assistant. From meticulously preparing paperwork to answering client questions to overseeing the secure transfer of earnest money deposits, I handle all aspects required to keep deals moving forward seamlessly. My sharp organizational abilities, relentless attention to detail, and ability to calmly multitask ensure I can readily manage high workloads across several deals running concurrently.

Additionally, I have proven skill in tracking the intricate web of moving parts related to inspections, taxes, deeds, affidavits, and more that accompany every real estate transaction behind the scenes. My new centralized digital filing system significantly improved record access and retrieval times at Acme Title. I also possess robust technological capacities across essential platforms like MS Office, DocuSign, Salesforce, and DOTLoop.

In closing, through both education and practical experience, I have cultivated the specialized mix of customer service, administrative excellence, and process management prowess top escrow assistants require. Your team’s high-volume caseload and focus on technology align well with my background. I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss the value my skills could bring to your company if selected for this role or other open positions.

Thank you,

Leah Holmes


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