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Photographer Resume Sample Template

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Photographer Resume Sample - Suzanne Jacobs

Contact Information:

  • Name: Suzanne Jacobs
  • Phone: (123) 456-7890
  • Email:
  • Address: 1234 Elm Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Summary: Creative and dedicated photographer with a passion for capturing meaningful moments through the lens. Proficient in various photography genres, including portrait, event, and nature photography. Strong technical skills combined with an artistic eye for composition and visual storytelling. Exceptional ability to collaborate with clients and subjects to bring their visions to life.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota Graduated: May 20XX


  • Proficient in using a wide range of cameras and photography equipment.
  • Strong knowledge of photography techniques, including exposure, focus, and composition.
  • Skilled in photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Creative vision and ability to conceptualize and execute unique shots.
  • Excellent communication skills for effective collaboration with clients and subjects.
  • Strong attention to detail to ensure precise and captivating compositions.
  • Ability to adapt to changing environments and lighting conditions.
  • Efficient time management skills to meet project deadlines.


Freelance Photographer Minneapolis, Minnesota - June 20XX to Present

  • Collaborate with clients to understand their vision and requirements for various projects.
  • Plan and execute photo shoots, including selecting locations, props, and lighting.
  • Operate cameras and equipment to capture high-quality images that align with clients' goals.
  • Direct subjects to achieve desired moods and emotions during shoots.
  • Utilize photo editing software to enhance and retouch images while maintaining authenticity.
  • Deliver edited images to clients within agreed-upon timeframes.
  • Manage and organize a portfolio of work to showcase skills and growth.

Photography Intern City Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota - May 20XX to August 20XX

  • Assisted senior photographers during photo shoots, ensuring equipment readiness.
  • Captured candid and posed shots during gallery events and exhibitions.
  • Edited and retouched images to meet gallery standards.
  • Contributed to brainstorming sessions for creative photography concepts.
  • Assisted in organizing and curating photography exhibitions.

Photography Assistant ABC Photography Studio, Minneapolis, Minnesota - January 20XX to May 20XX

  • Set up and arranged studio lighting for portrait and product shoots.
  • Assisted photographers in managing equipment and props during shoots.
  • Prepared clients and subjects for sessions, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction.
  • Managed administrative tasks, including appointment scheduling and image organization.


  • "Urban Perspectives" - Solo Photography Exhibition, City Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Month Year)
  • "Nature's Palette" - Group Photography Exhibition, University Art Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Month Year)

Portfolio: [Website/portfolio link]

References: Available upon request.


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