PBX Operator Resume Sample

PBX Operator Resume Sample Template

Looking for a PBX Operator Resume Sample? Create an impressive PBX operator resume with our free sample template. Showcase your skills and experience to stand out in the competitive job market.


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Highly organized and customer-focused PBX Operator with [X] years of experience in efficiently managing telephone communication within organizations. Skilled in handling incoming and outgoing calls, directing them to the appropriate departments or individuals, and providing exceptional customer service. Seeking to utilize my skills and contribute to seamless communication and efficient call routing at [Company/Organization Name].


PBX Operator | [Company/Organization Name] | [City, State]

[Month, Year] – [Month, Year]

  • Answered incoming calls promptly and professionally, providing a friendly and courteous greeting to callers.
  • Directed calls to the relevant departments, individuals, or extensions, ensuring efficient communication within the organization.
  • Handled multiple calls simultaneously and transferred them accurately to the intended recipients or took messages when necessary.
  • Provided accurate and helpful information to callers regarding the organization’s products, services, or general inquiries.
  • Maintained and updated the organization’s phone directory or contact lists to facilitate smooth call routing.
  • Managed voicemail systems, recorded messages accurately, and delivered them to the intended recipients in a timely manner.
  • Operated and troubleshot telephone equipment, including PBX systems, addressing any technical issues promptly.
  • Monitored the status of telephone lines, and identified and addressed issues to ensure proper functioning.
  • Handled emergency calls following established protocols, connecting callers to the appropriate emergency services or internal personnel.
  • Assisted with administrative tasks as assigned, such as filing, data entry, or scheduling appointments, contributing to the overall efficiency of the office.


High School Diploma | [School Name] | [City, State]



  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in operating PBX systems and related telephone equipment
  • Strong multitasking and organizational abilities
  • Customer service-oriented mindset
  • Familiarity with basic computer applications
  • Knowledge of proper phone etiquette and professional communication
  • Problem-solving skills for addressing technical issues
  • Ability to handle stress and remain calm under pressure
  • Flexibility in working hours


Available upon request


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