Financial Services Representative Job Description

Financial Services Representative Job Description, Skills and Outlook

Learn about the Financial Services Representative job description including key duties, skills, qualifications, work environment, and job outlook. Financial services representatives provide financial advice and services to individual and business clients. This growing field offers competitive salaries and satisfying work helping people secure their financial futures.

Financial Services Representative Job Description Template


What is a Financial Services Representative?

A financial services representative typically provides the following services:

  • Assesses clients’ financial situations and identifies appropriate financial products to meet short and long-term goals
  • Recommends investments, insurance policies, mortgages, retirement plans, tax strategies, estate plans and other solutions
  • Processes paperwork to open client accounts and activate new loans, policies and other products
  • Educates and advises clients on financial topics so they understand options and can make informed decisions

Key Duties

Daily tasks and responsibilities often include:

  • Meeting clients in person at offices or their homes or businesses
  • Explaining the array of financial products and services available to clients
  • Analyzing client financial profiles including assets, liabilities, cash flow, expenses and risk tolerance
  • Developing written financial plans and investment strategies tailored to each individual’s needs
  • Selling financial products and expanding client base through referrals and cold calling
  • Ensuring all licenses, registrations and continuing education requirements stay current

Skills and Qualifications

To succeed as a financial services representative requires:


  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, business, accounting or economics; master’s degrees are also attractive

Key Skills

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Trustworthiness and ability to instil client confidence
  • Strong math, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Commercial awareness and financial acumen
  • High attention to detail and organizational abilities


  • Insurance producers license
  • Securities licenses such as Series 6 and 63
  • State registrations

Other Desirable Qualities

  • Motivation to help people achieve financial security
  • Self-driven work ethic and results focus

Work Environment and Job Outlook

The typical work settings and job prospects for financial services reps include:

  • Primarily work in offices; remote work opportunities also increasing
  • Independent firms, commercial banks, investment banks, insurance firms top employers
  • Travel is frequently required to attend client meetings
  • Irregular hours, including evenings and weekends common
  • Faster than average job growth projected through 2030

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for personal financial advisors, a related occupation, is forecast to grow 17 per cent from 2020 to 2030 – much faster than the average across all occupations. This will translate into over 80,000 additional jobs. The expanding elderly population and longer lifespans will help drive demand for expertise in retirement planning and investment management.

Financial Services Representative Job Description Template

We are seeking a knowledgeable financial services representative to provide expert financial guidance to our clients. In this role, you will be responsible for assessing client financial situations, determining appropriate financial solutions, explaining products and services clearly, and expanding our clientele.


  • Meet potential and existing clients to evaluate their financial positions, objectives, risk tolerance, and other information impacting financial plans
  • Analyze financial data and identify optimal financial products including investments, insurance, mortgages, retirement plans, college savings plans, and more
  • Present customized financial solutions through written financial plans and investment proposals
  • Process new account opening paperwork and other essential documentation accurately and efficiently
  • Cultivate deeper relationships with clients to understand changing needs and identify new opportunities
  • Maintain necessary insurance, security, and state licensure and certification


  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business, or related field
  • Proven experience as a financial sales representative, account manager or related role
  • Familiarity with financial advisory compliance policies and processes
  • Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and client service skills
  • Strong analytical thinking and critical evaluation proficiency
  • Highly motivated self-starter focused on providing exemplary service
  • Ability to work individually as well as collaboratively within a team

We offer a competitive salary and benefits along with rewarding work helping clients achieve financial security. Our firm maintains the highest ethical standards and equips representatives with the tools and support to build enduring client relationships.


Financial Services Representative FAQs

What does a financial services representative do?

A financial services representative provides financial guidance to individuals and businesses. Key duties include: assessing financial situations; advising clients on investments, insurance, retirement planning, taxes and estate planning; recommending specific financial products and services; and processing paperwork to activate new accounts and policies.

What skills are required to be a financial services rep?

Strong math, analytical, communication and interpersonal skills are essential. You also need commercial awareness across banking, investments and insurance along with the ability to explain complex financial topics simply to clients. Organizational abilities and high ethical standards are also vital.

What qualifications do you need to become a financial services rep?

Most positions require a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, accounting or business. Many employers prefer a master’s degree and advanced certifications such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Appropriate state registrations and insurance/securities licenses are mandatory.

What is the work environment like?

The bulk of your time will be spent in an office environment meeting with clients, processing paperwork and researching products. Attending external networking and client meetings is also common. Working hours are often irregular to accommodate client needs with evenings and weekends.

What types of employers hire financial services reps?

Major hiring firms include commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, and independent brokerages. The highest concentration of jobs are with securities and commodity contracts firms.

What is the career outlook for financial services reps?

Employment is projected to grow much faster than average over the next decade. An ageing population requiring retirement planning services is the key driver. Competitive pay and generous benefits are typical as firms compete for talent.


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