Equity Research Associate Cover Letter

Equity Research Associate Cover Letter Template

This equity research associate cover letter highlights a candidate’s skills in financial modelling, valuation analysis, and investment research. With 3 years of experience constructing detailed DCF models, performing complex ratio analyses, authoring earnings review reports, and presenting findings, this applicant has a strong background supporting investment decisions. The letter conveys excellent financial statement analysis abilities, capital markets knowledge, and communication talents valued in equity research roles. It makes a compelling case for why the candidate is qualified and motivated to add value as an equity research associate.

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Equity Research Associate role with Citadel LLC. Given my successful background conducting in-depth analysis and modelling on public companies, I believe I am well-qualified to support Citadel’s investment research teams in uncovering alpha opportunities.

As highlighted in my attached resume, I have spent the last 3 years creating 3-statement operating models, compiling earnings estimates and valuation outputs, and authoring summaries of investment theses as an Equity Research Associate at Wells Fargo Securities. In this capacity, I have developed expertise in leveraging financial statements, industry trends, and market conditions to evaluate stocks and communicate insights to portfolio managers. Specifically, I have:

  • Constructed 22 detailed DCF, comps and precedent models over 2 years to support 4 senior analysts covering internet, fintech and cloud sectors
  • Drafted segments of initiation and earnings reviews distributed firm-wide to provide concise takes on company upside and risks
  • Performed deep dives into underlying industry drivers and competitive landscapes to inform stock recommendations

In addition, my prior investment banking experience provided a strong foundation in complex financial analysis, modelling, communicating findings, and delivering excellent client service in fast-paced environments.

As Citadel continues expanding its global investment platform, I am eager to offer my modelling proficiencies, research talents, and steadfast work ethic. Your team’s reputation for identifying value through rigorous analysis aligns well with my approach. I welcome the opportunity to speak further with you regarding the Equity Research Associate position and to learn more about your goals for this role. Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

[Keanu Kline]

Equity Research Associate Cover Letter Template

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