Cost Estimator Interview

Key Cost Estimator Interview Questions and Tactful Responses

Understand the common behavioural and technical questions asked in a cost estimator interview. Review sample answers that highlight your useful budget analysis talents.

Common Interview Questions for Cost Estimators

“The best risk management starts with a sound cost estimate.” – Anonymous

As a cost estimator, you can expect interview questions that assess your technical skills, attention to detail, communication abilities, and more. Hiring managers want to understand your experience and capabilities related to reading blueprints, using estimation software, applying quantitative methods, monitoring budgets, and contributing to the greater construction planning process.

Key Skills to Highlight

When interviewing for a cost estimator role, make sure to discuss:

  • Your organized and methodical approach to interpreting specifications, drawings, and other documents to derive material quantities and types, labor requirements, equipment needs, etc.
  • Your analytical mindset and how you incorporate contingencies and cost implications of potential issues.
  • Your collaboration abilities to work closely with managers, engineers, architects, and tradespeople.
  • Your communication skills in presenting bid proposals or cost reports concisely.

I still remember one VP of Estimating telling me: “We can teach process and software, but we can’t teach attention to detail.” That advice has stuck with me throughout my career.

Common Behavioral Interview Questions

Expect to receive behavioral questions aimed at understanding relevant examples of how you have used your abilities:

Share a Time You Dealt with Incomplete Information

  • What specifics were missing?
  • How did you derive the needed details?
  • What assumptions did you have to make?

Discuss a Complex Project You’ve Estimated

  • What made the project difficult to quantify?
  • How did you break it down into manageable sections?
  • What was your process for integrating revisions or changes?

A recent study found the average cost overrun on infrastructure projects is 80%. This exemplifies why hiring accurate, decisive estimators is so crucial.

Common Technical Questions

Additionally, be prepared to demonstrate your technical knowledge:

What Are Some Key Items You Include in Cost Estimates?

  • Material purchases
  • Equipment rentals
  • Labor rates and expected hours for trade partners
  • General conditions costs
  • Design and engineering expenses
  • Reserve funds/contingency

What Factors Do You Consider When Evaluating Excavation and Foundation Costs?

  • Soil conditions
  • Discovery of bedrock or groundwater
  • Shoring requirements
  • Dewatering needs
  • Hauling fees for removal of unsuitable soils

What Estimating Software Do You Have Experience With?

  • RSMeans
  • Sage Timberline
  • Bid2Win
  • PlanSwift

Having fluency across major platforms shows versatility. By being well-prepared to discuss your unique abilities as a cost estimator, as well as fielding sample scenarios, you can stand out from other candidates. Use the interview as an opportunity to demonstrate the value your skills in budget forecasting, data-driven analysis, and project cost control can contribute over the lifespan of a construction project.

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