Commercial Underwriter Interview

Acing the Commercial Underwriter Interview: Top Questions and Answers

Prep for your upcoming commercial underwriter interview with insider tips. Review common underwriter interview questions with sample answers, expert techniques, and practical advice to land the job.

Common Behavioral and Situational Interview Questions

Hiring managers will explore your competencies, analytical skills, and past experiences relevant to the underwriter role through both behavioural and situational questions:

“63% of survey respondents say situational questions provide insights behavioural queries alone cannot when evaluating underwriter candidates.”

Share a Time You Made a Wrong Decision

  • Don’t get defensive – we all have made incorrect calls
  • Be forthcoming but avoid oversharing details irrelevant to the role
  • Most importantly – walk through your realization process and what you changed moving ahead after learning from the situation

If You Observed Risky Practices from a Peer Underwriter, What Actions Would You Take?

  • Emphasize principles and duty driving you more than personal relationships
  • Explain exact escalation protocols respecting hierarchies but addressing issues promptly
  • Offer to discuss other ethical scenarios to showcase integrity

Expect Industry and Role-Specific Questions Too

Hiring managers will probe your grasp of core domain topics:

What are Some Leading Indicators of Distress You Monitor in an Underwriter Portfolio?

  • Margin and liquidity ratios falling materially QoQ
  • Spiking inventory or AR levels straining working capital
  • Delayed loan payments or covenant breaches
  • Increased credit line draws near max limits

Quantify how specifically you stay on guard against emerging risks threatening a book.

How Do You Balance Growth vs Risk Mitigation in Underwriting?

  • Set clear guardrails on sector exposure, credit scores, or financial thresholds
  • Incorporate sufficient portfolio diversification by geography and industry
  • Get creative offering alternatives before outright denial of borderline cases

Demonstrate nuance by weighing each application’s unique aspects.

This list should empower you to stand out amidst underwriter applicants. Let the above guide your preparation!

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