Commercial Loan Officer Interview

Top Commercial Loan Officer Interview Questions with Sample Answers

Prepare for your commercial or business loan officer job interview with common interview questions and sample answers on lending experience, credit analysis, risk assessment, communication, and relationship building.

“Good loan officers have passion, perseverance, discipline and leadership qualities that make them stand out.” – Mark Goldberg, SVP Commerce Bank

As someone who recently went through numerous loan officer interviews before landing my current job, I can speak firsthand to the rigorous question-and-answer process required to demonstrate commercial lending competencies.

Hiring managers often leverage behavioural interview techniques, using highly specific, experience-based finance interview questions around past achievements. Being prepared with compelling, concrete examples that convey required commercial loan officer skills is key to excelling in these crucial job interviews.

Interview Questions Assessing Lending Experience

  • Walk me through your commercial loan underwriting process from origination to close. What factors do you consider most important?

The loan underwriting process begins with a complete risk assessment of the applicant…

  • Describe a time you had to reject a commercial loan application. How did you communicate this decision to the applicant?

Early in my career, I had an instance where…

  • What is your approach to managing a portfolio of high-risk commercial loans? What risk mitigation strategies do you employ?

Managing risky commercial loans requires diligent monitoring and…

Interview Questions Testing Credit and Risk Analysis Abilities

  • How do you evaluate the financial standing and repayment capacity of a complex business applying for a $2 million working capital loan? What specific financial ratios or metrics do you prioritize?

For a working capital loan of that size, I would…

  • What industry has the highest commercial loan default rate – 14% – and poses significant underwriting challenges currently? How would you effectively analyze opportunities in that industry?

The restaurant industry has faced considerable hardship…

Interview Questions Evaluating Communication and Relationship-Building Skills

  • Describe your communication style when explaining a declined loan application to an upset small business owner. How do you deliver bad news while preserving relationships?

Having transparency and empathy is crucial when conveying loan denial decisions…

  • What strategies have you implemented to proactively acquire new commercial lending clients and financing opportunities?

The most effective client acquisition channel I have leveraged is referral partnerships…

Thoroughly preparing compelling stories and specific examples that demonstrate core commercial lending competencies is essential to position yourself as a top candidate for loan officer roles. Keep practising!

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