Animator Resume Sample

Animator Resume Sample Template

Looking to create an impressive animator resume? Explore expert tips and a sample template to craft a standout animator resume that highlights your skills and experience in the field of animation.

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Objective: Highly skilled and creative Animator with a strong passion for bringing imagination to life through captivating animations. Seeking a challenging position in an animation studio or creative agency where I can utilize my artistic abilities and technical expertise to contribute to visually stunning projects.

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation [Name of University/Institution] [City, State] [Year of Graduation]


  • Proficient in animation software: Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, Autodesk Maya
  • Strong drawing and illustration skills
  • In-depth understanding of animation principles and techniques
  • Attention to detail and ability to create smooth and lifelike movements
  • Excellent knowledge of timing, weight, and squash and stretch
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Effective communication and problem-solving skills
  • Strong portfolio showcasing animation abilities and creativity

Experience: Animator Intern [Animation Studio/Company] [City, State] [Dates]

  • Collaborated with senior animators to develop animation sequences for various projects.
  • Assisted in creating storyboards and animatics to visualize key scenes and actions.
  • Utilized animation software to bring characters, objects, and environments to life.
  • Incorporated feedback from the creative team to refine and enhance animations.
  • Met project deadlines while ensuring high-quality animation output.

Freelance Animator [Self-Employed/Client Name] [City, State] [Dates]

  • Worked independently with clients to create custom animations based on their specific requirements.
  • Translated concepts and ideas into visual representations through storyboards and animatics.
  • Developed character designs and animations using industry-standard software.
  • Communicated effectively with clients to understand their vision and deliver satisfactory results.
  • Managed multiple projects simultaneously, meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations.


  • Title of Project
    • Role: Animator
    • Description: Briefly describe the project and your specific contributions to it.
  • Title of Project
    • Role: Animator
    • Description: Briefly describe the project and your specific contributions to it.

References: Available upon request

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